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Custom Canine's mission is to cultivate a unique training experience that allows you to build a lasting relationship with your dog. We aim to create a confident, stable-minded friend who can join you on life's adventures, not hold you back!

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Samantha Sampson's passion for dogs goes beyond just training.

Her passion for dogs fuels her commitment to always learning. She hones her skills with renowned mentors and trains her own dogs in dog sports under international experts. This blend of theory and real-world experience ensures she brings the best out of every dog.


At Custom Canine, we believe in providing a training experience that goes beyond the ordinary. Our personalized training plans are customized with your dog's personality, your lifestyle, and your training goals in mind.

Your Journey Starts with Assessment!

At Custom Canine, we believe in personalized training experiences, and it all begins with a comprehensive assessment.

How we make it work for you:
Personalized Path: We start by understanding your unique training goals and conducting a thorough evaluation of your dog. Together, we'll decide the best program tailored to your needs and your furry friend's personality.
Cost Advantage: The cost of this initial assessment? It's not just a fee – it's an investment in your dog's transformation! The amount is seamlessly integrated into the total cost of the program you choose.

Personalized Attention, Proven Methods, Lasting Results.

After your initial assessment, we'll adjust the recommended lessons needed to get the results you deserve.
Personalized Approach: Ditch one-size-fits-all! We craft personalized lessons to address your dog's unique needs and your specific goals, working hand-in-hand with you for success.
Convenient & Flexible Learning: Train in the comfort of your home, on your schedule, and at your dog's individual pace: Private lessons offer maximum convenience and flexibility for personalized success.
Effective Training Methods: Learn positive, reward-based methods from our expert trainer, then access ongoing support for lasting success beyond the lessons.

Luxurious Dog Boarding with Personalized Care.

Travel with peace of mind, knowing your furry friend is enjoying a comfortable and enriching stay at Custom Canine.

Here's what makes our boarding unique:
Family Atmosphere: Your dog gets the warmth and care of a home environment, avoiding the stress of noisy kennels.
Continued Training: Custom Canine graduates can enjoy seamless continuation of their training program during their stay.
Real-Life Skills: Living in a home setting allows dogs to practice real-life skills like navigating stairs, interacting with family members, and following house rules
No Lonely Nights: Your dog will never be left alone at night. They'll sleep comfortably in a kennel room within the trainer's home, ensuring constant supervision and care.

Unleash Confidence & Skills!

Immerse your dog in a loving home environment while achieving your training goals with our personalized Board & Train programs.
Ditch the traditional boarding experience! Your dog enjoys the comfort and familiarity of a loving home environment, mastering real-life skills and building confidence for daily adventures by your side.
Your unique dog, your unique goals: Each program is customized to address your desires and needs, from basic obedience to off-leash reliability.
Seamless transition, lasting success: Weekly private lessons ensure skills smoothly transfer to your home, empowering you for a well-rounded, confident companion.

Give Your Dog the Gift of Confidence & Joy: Free Consultation Awaits!

Let's Discuss Your Dog's Training Needs and Goals Today

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More Than Just Training, It's Custom Canine
Beyond obedience commands, discover a personalized approach that builds lasting bonds and happy adventures.
Home Away From Home Training
Forget sterile kennels. Your dog thrives in a loving home environment, building trust and mastering real-life skills.
Tailored Training Plans
Ditch the one-size-fits-all methods. We design a program unique to your dog's personality and your desired outcomes.
Professional, Expert Trainers
Our journey doesn't end with training. Private lessons and online resources empower you for lasting success.
Building Bonds & Addressing Behaviors
More than just commands, we use positive reinforcement to tackle anxieties and create strong, trusting relationships.
Samantha's Patience Saved Us! Practical Advice for Any Breed/Issue.
I highly recommend Samantha. She has experience with a variety of breeds and issues and has been incredibly helpful with my anxious dog, Jade. Samantha takes the time to answer my questions, listen to my concerns, and offer practical advice. I truly appreciate her help and patience!
Rebecca Choate
From Eager Learner to Gifted Trainer: Why Samantha Stands Out.
I met Samantha early in her dog training career, and even then, her drive and passion to learn and grow were evident. She readily absorbs information and feedback from anyone willing to offer it, and never hesitates to ask questions or challenge herself and others, which has accelerated her skills and knowledge development. Samantha's ability to translate information into action is a true gift, and anyone who works with her is in great hands.
Tony Stokes
Sam helped us build a solid foundation for Saydie's training, and now she's a well-behaved pup at only 10 months!
Picking a trainer was like picking a pediatrician for my children – I didn't want to get it wrong! Sam was absolutely the right choice! She's knowledgeable, patient, and reassuring, training not only Saydie, but me as well. She helped us develop a solid foundation that we continue to build on. At 10 months old, Saydie is able to go into any pet-friendly store or restaurant and behave appropriately! I would absolutely recommend Sam!
Sam's 30-day board & train transformed my out-of-control Bernedoodle into a well-behaved pup.
Sam is a lifesaver! Before training, my Bernedoodle chewed, bolted off-leash, jumped, and couldn't relax at home.A 30-day board & train was Luna's best chance, and I'm eternally grateful I found Sam. She achieved all our goals and was amazing with Luna.Sam is passionate, trustworthy, communicative, and a true dog training expert. I highly recommend her!
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